Easy Toilet Detailing Services For Reputation Management - Makes It Super Simple To Promote Your "Clean Feel" & Improve The Control You Have Over Your Hygiene. ...



Get your toilets cleaned and treated by an expert.

Base services includes; with agreement,

*Weekly toilet cleaning & maintenance

*Weekly sink cleaning & maintenance

Weekly hand soap refills - INCLUDED

Anti bacterial coating -

Bacteria-shield advertising for your restroom

Marketing assistance to those that qualify

Dedicated Hygiene Ambassador

what is the toilet patrol advantage - why is it best for you?


Improved Customer Retention

Our toilet detailing services will help spot speckles before your customer does


Increased confidence

Our detailing service will leave you with restrooms that people are happy to use and come back to


Boost Employee Participation

Studies show when the heavy lifting is done every week - employees are happy to participate


Superior hygiene levels

Our marketable bacteria-shield service seals the viral toilet surface with a long lasting bacteriostat


Reputation Management Co-Op

Marketing assistance available marketing the

clean facility to their clients


Tailored servicing

Your dedicated Hygiene Ambassador will monitor the clean feel of your restroom - be your eyes & ears

Get Your Toilet Cleaned by An Expert

Get your toilets professionally detailed improving customer perception of the rest of your facility - we will make sure everything is in tip-top shape and fit for use

Settle for nothing less than stylish, clean, and safe toilet. Call Toilet: Don’t let stinky toilets ruin your day! The powerful cleaning service offered by Toilet is what your toilets need to fix all the problems within it. The services are well-known for its speed, high-quality services, and low prices.

What's included in our base service

One location detailing service

hand soap refills throughout the entire facility

Anti bacterial coating

Air freshening service

Toilet detailing is not only the dirtiest job but it's also the most important. To help customers see a toilet safe and clean, sign up today and get your first toilet for only *$3.99 - get the rest for LESS We have expert cleaners who have been doing this job for years; we provide the best service at the most reasonable price